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10/30/2008 4:40 PM

DIAdem Installer Related Errors

  • Error 1601 encountered during DIAdem repair installation, or uninstallation.
    • Repair runs to completion, however it encounters several 1601 error codes along the way.  Installer forums indicate this may be due to a corruption in the Winodws installer package on the target machine.  Windows installer must be repaired or reinstalled to resolve this problem.
      1. At the command prompt, enter the following commands and press OK to the resulting dialogs
        1. msiexec /unregister
        2. msiexec /regserver
      2. Reinstall Windows Installer (see Microsoft KB article KB893803 v2)
      3. Uninstall DIAdem completely by removing any component which is labeled "DIAdem" in the MSIBlast utility.  Reboot the system to complete the uninstall, then reinstall DIAdem to the system.
  • Error installing DIAdem: "A DIAdem 10.2 version is already installed.  Uninstall this version first and restart the installation of the DIAdem 10.2 version you want."
    • This error occurs on a fresh installation of DIAdem to a target machine.  Generally, this error is related to an access denied error during the installation initialization process.  The following steps can be followed to alleviate this problem.
      1. Log into the system using an account with local administrator privilages.
        • The installing user must have administrator privilages to access some of the required installation locations in the system registry and other system locations.  Make sure the installing user has administrative privilages on the local machine.
      2. Reboot to Windows SAFE mode
        • SAFE mode prevents unnecessary system services from initializing.  This allows the system to startup with minimal external influences.  Again the installing user must be logged into SAFE mode using an account with local administrator privilages.
      3. Create an installation LOG file, and submit to National Instruments ( for further review.
        • The log file is generated by calling the setup executable with additional parameters.  Run the following command from a command prompt to generate the file "c:\installlog.txt"
          • setup.exe /log c:\installlog.txt
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