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11/17/2008 3:17 PM

Spartan with PIM

Spartan offers PIM customers the ability to enhance their PIM test capabilities by providing a reliable test management platform for capturing PIM measurement data.  This capability can be extended to new and existing PIM analyzer devices.

Configuring your PIM Controller

To communicate with Spartan, your PIM controller must be configured with compatible PIM controller software (VFP and PIM Hardware Engine), and must contain a valid PIM system calibration (NOTE: calibration files must be saved within the PIM program directory (typically c:\program files\summitek\pim) to be discovered by the hardware engine).  The PIM Hardware Engine must be running in order for the Spartan thin-client software to communicate with your PIM analyzer.

  1. Verify that your PIM Controller is running a compatible version of the PIM controller software (i.e. For Spartan PIM Driver version 1.1.0201, PIM software version 7.4 (or newer) is required).  The latest PIM software can be downloaded from the PIM download page on our website.  To confirm that your controller software is compatible, check the Spartan release notes (Server -> Release Notes) under Drivers -> PIM.
  2. Confirm that all calibration files are present in the PIM program directory (as stated above), and that the PIM hardware engine is running on the station.
  3. Follow the instructions in the How-To Article "Setup a Test Station Client" to configure your test-station with a PIM instrument.
    1. NOTE: PIM analyzers communicate via TCP/IP to the host PIM controller machine.  It is recommended that the host controller is also the Spartan Test-Station (to ensure adequate measurement speed and proper instrument connections).
    2. The default PIM instrument configuration settings are IP Address:, Port: 3388 (NOTE: these settings indicate that the PIM analyzer is connected to the test station machine on the default PIM listening port address, these settings may be modified to adapt to custom PIM configuration requirements). 

Removing Spartan Client from a PIM Controller

The Spartan thin-client application can be removed from your PIM controller by executing the Uninstall Spartan Client application (which can be found within the Summitek Instruments > Spartan programs menu within your Start menu.  After the uninstallation is complete, verify that the PIM software is still working correctly.  NOTE: The client uninstall may inadvertantly un-register some common files which are required by the PIM controller software.  If the PIM software is unable to execute after the thin-client software uninstall, simply go to the Add/Remove Programs control panel, and click the Change button on the PIM software.  The resulting installshield wizard will allow you to Repair the PIM software installation.  This repair operation will resolve any problems caused by the Spartan client uninstaller.
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