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10/30/2008 4:26 PM

Setup a Spartan URL on your intranet

Remembering an IP address may be easy for an IT administrator, but it's a difficult thing for system users to remember.  To make life easier on your user community, setup a Spartan URL on your company intranet for quick easy access.  There are two approaches which can be taken to setup a URL in your organization.

  1. The easiest way to make a custom URL available to every user on your network, is to setup a custom intranet URL using your company DNS.  Ask your system administrator to setup a custom URL (such as in the DNS Forward Lookup Zone for your company intranet.

  2. If DNS modifications are not an option, your local IT department can define a custom URL on each workstation within your organization by modifying the Windows "hosts" file on each computer.  This file can be modified by an administrator using notepad.exe (or a similar text editor) to add a line to the file "c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts".  The line in the file maps a specific IP address to a unique URL name.  This line should look similar to the following:

    CAUTION: Make sure this URL name does not conflict with another URL within your organization (or on the World Wide Web), otherwise this URL record will override external DNS server records.
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