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10/30/2008 4:20 PM

Spartan TCP Port Requirements

The following TCP Ports must be available for incoming and outgoing communications on the Spartan machines specified.

  • N/A - This port does not apply to the specified machine.
  • Required - This port is required on the specified machine to enable client-server communications.

TCP Port
Spartan server
spartan server
spartan client
(test stations)

TCP Port Descriptors

  • Port 80
    This port is required to allow Spartan server to listen for incoming client connections.  Port 80 is the Spartan web-server port by default, however this may be customized by an administrator by modifying the Port key value in the ..\conf\lvhttp.cfg file on the Spartan Server (NOTE: this is recommended only for advanced users.  Changing the spartan server port will alter the forward facing address used by clients to access Spartan).
  • Port 3363
    This port is required to enable communications between the Spartan server and test-station client workstations.  The server uses this port to send instructions to configured test-stations.  The client workstations use this port to execute test sequences and return data to the Spartan server, in addition to downloading the most recent tests and instrument drivers on demand.
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