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10/30/2008 4:15 PM

Any computer that is intended to run the Spartan application should meet the following system requirements.

  • Operating System Requirements
    • Windows Server 2003 (service pack 1) Recommended
    • Windows XP Professional (service pack 2) Minimum
  • Hardware Requirements
    • Processor Requirements
      • Spartan is a multi-threaded application that can take advantage of multicore processors.
      • 3+ GHz Intel Pentium (or compatible) processor with 4MB L2 Cache Recommended
      • 2 GHz Intel Pentium (or compatible) processor with 2MB L2 Cache Minimum
    • Memory Requirements
      • 2+ GB Memory is Recommended
      • 512MB Memory Minimum
    • Storage Requirements
      • A minimum of 1GB hard disk space is required to install and run the Spartan server application (including NI LabVIEW runtime engine, and DIAdem applications).
      • Data Storage Requirements
        • we need to provide a calculation tool to allow adequate storage space to be allocated for storing test data
        • Data storage requirements will vary based on the various data points being collected.  The following properties will effect the required storage space for each measurement taken.
          • Tests can be configured to save any number of system and user-defined fields or attributes.  Each attribute is stored within the data file (a TDMS format), which means that there is virtually no limit to the size a file may grow.
          • Measured test data may also vary widely depending on the test type, number of points measured, number of traces measured, referential limits, and other analyses that may be performed on the data. 
            • Considering the following example of an S-Parameter test, you can calculate the raw data storage requirement by using the following equation:

              TDMS File Size (bytes) = 8 * (1 + 2 * Nsp + Nlim) * Nf + header-data
              header-data Size (bytes) = 21,541 + 100 * Ntf

              Nsp = Number of S-Parameters measured (a two-port VNA can measure up to four S-Parameters: S11, S21, S12, & S22)
              Nlim = Number of Limits for all S-Parameters
              (two limits (upper/lower) are configurable per S-Parameter display format)
              Nf = Number of frequency points in the S-Parameter sweep
              Ntf = Number of additional (non-system) fields/attributes added to a test sequence

              Using this equation for an S-Parameter test without any additional attributes, configured to measure S11 and S21 with an upper limit on the magnitude of S11 and a lower limit on the magnitude of S21 across a frequency spanning 401 points, would generate a file size of 43,907 bytes (not including header data).  Keep in mind that the file size on the physical disk may be larger than the required storage size due to disk formatting and file structure requirements.
        • With these requirements in mind, Summitek recommends a minimum of 40 GB of additional storage space be allocated for Spartan test data (this size requirement will vary depending on application requirements).
      • Drive Access Performance
        • 7200 rpm with 16MB buffer (8MB buffer for stand-alone) Recommended
        • 5400 rpm with 2MB buffer Minimum
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