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Configure old PIM software for Windows Vista/7 Compatibility

Running Older PIM in Windows Vista


Summitek PIM Software older than version 10.1 is not Windows Vista/7 compliant.  However, the software can still be run under these operating systems if properly configured.  The following configuration steps are required to enable older PIM software to execute under Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems.


  • Register siwutil32.dll
    • This component is required by the PIM hardware engine to interact with the Windows system tray.  When this component is not registered properly, the PIM hardware engine quits immediately upon execution (sometimes throwing an exception with error code 0x80004005).  Follow these steps to register the siwutil32.dll in Windows Vista.
    1. Open the Windows command prompt in elevated privilages mode by right-mouse-clicking the Command Prompt application (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt) and selecting "Run as Administrator".
    2. Windows will prompt you to confirm that this application is allowed to run in administrator mode, press Continue to proceed.
    3. At the command prompt, execute the following command to register the siwutil32.dll component
      1. For Windows Vista 32-bit systems:
        c:\>  regsvr32 "c:\program files\summitek\pim\siwutil32.dll"
      2. For Windows Vista 64-bit systems:
        c:\>  regsvr32 "c:\program files (x86)\summitek\pim\siwutil32.dll"
    4. Verify that the component is registered by starting the PIM hardware engine (pimhw.exe) and confirming that it minimizes itself to the system tray ().


  • Set PIM executables to "Run as Administrator"
    • In order for the Summitek PIM software to be allowed to interact with your PIM analyzer calibration files, the programs must be allowed to run under administrator privileges.  To enable this capability, the following actions can be performed.
    1. Browse to the PIM program directory (by default, this directory is located in "c:\program files\summitek\pim")
    2. For each application file (for example, pimhw.exevfp.exe, etc.), do the following:
      1. right-mouse-click the application file, and select properties
      2. Select the Compatibility tab at the top of the properties screen.
      3. Press the button that says "Show settings for all users" (NOTE: if this button is unavailable, each user logon account will have to be set individually by following this process).
      4. Add a checkmark to the box under the Privilege Level section that is labeled "Run this program as an administrator"
      5. Click OK to save the changes.


* Please note that once these settings have been set, the Windows UAC process will present a dialog each time the PIM software programs are run, asking the user to allow this program to run as an administrator.  In order to run the PIM software, these dialogs MUST be confirmed by the user, otherwise the software will not be allowed to run due to Windows security constraints.  These dialogs can be avoided by disabling the Windows user account control (UAC) functionality, however this will severely reduce the effective security built into Windows Vista, and is not recommended by Microsoft (see for more information).