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Common PIM Error Codes
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Common PIM Error Codes

The following sections list common errors which may be encountered during typical PIM analyzer operation.

General PIM Hardware Errors, Codes, and Warnings

Error Codes Error Descriptions
5000-5009 Hardware Initialization Error
There was a problem initializing the PIM hardware.  Check your device connections and ensure all devices are powered on.

  • 5000 - Hardware Detection Error
  • 5001 - Invalid Test Set
  • 5002 - (Warning) Instrument descriptor Error
5010-5019 Calibration Error
There was a problem loading the PIM calibration data.
  • 5010 - (Warning) The calibration data was not loaded.  Measurements taken without valid calibration are not accurate.
  • 5011 - (Warning) One or more of the instrument modules is out of calibration according to the recommended calibration schedule (1 year).
5030-5079 Hardware I/O Error Occurred
There was an error writing or reading from the PIM hardware.  The following codes will indicate where the problem has occurred.

  • 5030 - There was an error writing to the synthesizers (SY).
  • 5040 - There was an error writing to the variable attenuators (VA).
  • 5050 - There was an error reading the power amplifier detectors (PA DET).
  • 5060 - There was an error reading the receiver (RF/TR).
  • 5070 - There was an error reading the hardware alarm port.
6000-6499 Hardware Alarm Conditions
  • 6000 - (Warning) Unable to level the variable attenuators (VA).
  • 6016 - LO (Local Oscillator) alarm has occurred.
  • 6032 - Carrier 1 power amplifier alarm has occurred.
  • 6064 - Carrier 2 power amplifier alarm has occurred.
  • 6096 - Carrier 1 and Carrier 2 power amplifier alarms have occurred.
  • 6112 - Carrier 1 and Carrier 2 power amplifiers, and LO alarms have occurred (Power Off).
  • 6144 -  LO (Receiver) Synthesizer unlocked.
  • 6160 - SY1 (Carrier 1) synthesizer unlocked.
  • 6192 - SY2 (Carrier 2) synthesizer unlocked.
  • 6224 - SY1 and SY2 synthesizers unlocked.
  • 6240 - LO, SY1, and SY2 synthesizers unlocked (Power Off).

Command Mismatch
A synchronization error has occurred indicating a mismatch of command and hardware state.

NI-DAQmx Device Communications Errors

  • -200361 (DAQmx Read) - Onboard device memory overflow. Because of system and/or bus-bandwidth limitations, the driver could not read data from the device fast enough to keep up with the device throughput.
    • Most commonly, this error is encountered when a USB PIM module is connected to a USB interface which is not USB 2.0 compatible.  PIM USB devices require the high-speed USB 2.0 interface to allow measurement and control data to be shared between the PIM analyzer and the PIM controller.  Slower connections will result in memory overflow errors.